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Limits of your love

Poet Alama Iqbal Pen Name(s) Iqbal Translation in Rhyme In quest, I seek your boundless love’s end, See my simplicity, what task I contend. A

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Poet Sahir Ludhianvi Pen Name(s) Sahir Translation in Rhyme Haunted by the specter of my bygone days, Each moment a regret, a weary maze. Shame

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Disciplines of love

Poet Ahmad Faraz Pen Name(s) Faraz Translation in Rhyme In lament you dwell, heart heavy with strife,Faraz, love’s disciplines elude your grasp, a rife. What proximity,

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  • Wanderer on If you ever think of me: “Wow, beautiful poetry. Amazing imagination by the poet expressed through beautiful words.Oct 23, 00:17
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