LOST in Translation


What worth holds the heart

Poet Qateel Shifai Pen Name(s) Qateel Translation in Rhyme What worth holds the heart that prays not for union’s delight,God forbid, living on with your absence in sight. Your love, an enduring companion through life’s fleeting flight,Yet life, unfulfilled, would dim its own light. Though separation spares not a mortal’s breath,Pray, Lord, keep us bound, never tempting …

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Your letter

Poet Dagh Dehlvi Pen Name(s) Dagh Translation in Rhyme Your letter brought forth a mention anew, who dared intrude?If not my rival’s hand, then whose, in truth? After my fate’s decree, she queries, her tone tight-spun,Whose deed is this? Whose mischief, begun? “I’ll be loyal, I’ll commit,” pled the earnest mask,Remember whose vows once danced, a hopeful …

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In heaven and earth

Poet Khwaja Mir Dard Pen Name(s) Dard Translation in Rhyme In heaven and earth so far and so wide,Your essence so vast, only my heart can abide. Unity, untouched by dual strife,No mirror reflects You larger than life. In prostration’s immortal embrace,I’m lifted not by worldly trace. Oh courier, this task not thine,The heart alone can bear His …

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I came as a beggar

Poet Mir Taqi Mir Pen Name(s) Mir Translation in Rhyme I came as a beggar, on bended knee, Prayed for you with heartfelt plea.   Once claimed, I can’t live without you, Now, I fulfill the pledge I once knew.   Cure eluded my destined fate, Medicine endlessly taken to the ultimate.   Circumstances led …

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That moonlit face

Poet Obaidullah Aleem Pen Name(s) Aleem Translation in Rhyme My Lord, should I ink the woes or dreams divine,This visage, these eyes of mine,Like extinguished lamp, awaiting shine. That moonlit face, those starry eyes,Those graceful locks, where shadow belies,Once vowed to join, in love entwined,Assuring me, oh traveler in kind,I’ll be with you, no matter the …

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I know the prayer

Poet Saghar Siddiqui Pen Name(s) Saghar Translation in Rhyme I know the prayer, yet the words escape,My song’s melody fades, lost in its shape. At my beloved’s door, a beggar’s plea I bring,But no lamentations come, no verse to sing. My blood sheds in alleys, a vow once made,Now she claims no memory, a promise betrayed. Her eyes …

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I’m always late

Poet Munir Niyazi Pen Name(s) Munir Translation in Rhyme In all I do, I’m late, you see,Be it words unsaid or a heartfelt plea,To call her back, or a promise to keep,I lag behind, in my timing, I reap. To offer aid, or consoling speech,On worn paths traveled, I’m slow, out of reach.In every season’s shift, …

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Poet Sahir Ludhianvi Pen Name(s) Sahir Translation in Rhyme Haunted by the specter of my bygone days, Each moment a regret, a weary maze. Shame lingers over desires unmet, Regret over hopes that failed to set. Let my past rest in shadows deep, A source of naught but shame, I keep. Hopes birthed dreams, desires …

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