LOST in Translation



Poet Sahir Ludhianvi Pen Name(s) Sahir Translation in Rhyme Haunted by the specter of my bygone days, Each moment a regret, a weary maze. Shame lingers over desires unmet, Regret over hopes that failed to set. Let my past rest in shadows deep, A source of naught but shame, I keep. Hopes birthed dreams, desires …

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Disciplines of love

Poet Ahmad Faraz Pen Name(s) Faraz Translation in Rhyme In lament you dwell, heart heavy with strife,Faraz, love’s disciplines elude your grasp, a rife. What proximity, plans for parting already in sight,What cruel twist in fate, what cosmic slight. God or idol, our devotion won’t sway,A lifetime of worship, come what may. Awaiting encounters, reasons are diverse,Gratitude, complaint, …

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